What Is the MPG on the 1800 Goldwing?

The fuel efficiency of the 1800 Goldwing, a renowned motorcycle model, has been a topic of curiosity and discussion among enthusiasts and riders alike. While there may be differing opinions and experiences, official figures state that the MPG (miles per gallon) values for this iconic motorcycle are approximately 42 MPG. It’s important to note that these figures are calculated estimates obtained during laboratory exhaust emissions tests specified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Consequently, these values may not accurately reflect the fuel consumption experienced during real-world, on-road riding conditions.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a 2008 Gold Wing 1800 Get?

The 2008 Honda Gold Wing 1800 is known for it’s impressive fuel efficiency on the open road. With data collected from four vehicles, comprising a total of 148 refueling instances and covering a substantial distance of 25,676 miles, it’s been determined that this iconic motorcycle achieves an average combined MPG of 38.This figure, while highly commendable, should be taken into account with a slight margin of error of 0.68 MPG.

The Gold Wing 1800, manufactured by the renowned Japanese automaker Honda, has long been praised for it’s exceptional engineering and smooth performance. It combines power and comfort, making it an ideal choice for long-distance riders seeking both performance and fuel efficiency.

The fuel consumption figures obtained from the data reflect an overall efficiency that’s noteworthy for a motorcycle of it’s caliber. With an average MPG of 38.14, riders can confidently traverse vast distances without worrying excessively about frequent refueling stops. However, it’s important to consider the margin of error of 0.68 MPG, which accounts for potential variations in driving conditions, maintenance, and individual riding styles.

It’s efficient performance, combined with Hondas commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, cements it’s position as one of the most desirable motorcycles in it’s category. Whether embarking on cross-country adventures or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, this motorcycle proves it’s worth by delivering a balance of power, comfort, and fuel economy.

Longevity of the Gold Wing 1800’s Fuel Efficiency Over Time and Mileage.

  • The Gold Wing 1800’s fuel efficiency remains consistent over time and mileage
  • It’s known for it’s long-lasting performance
  • The bike’s engine is designed to optimize fuel consumption
  • Even after extensive use, the fuel efficiency of the Gold Wing 1800 remains impressive
  • Owners can enjoy the bike’s power without worrying about excessive fuel consumption
  • Regular maintenance and proper care further enhance it’s longevity and fuel efficiency
  • Many Gold Wing 1800 owners report impressive mileage figures
  • Overall, the fuel efficiency of the Gold Wing 1800 is a testament to it’s quality and engineering

The top speed of the 1981 Goldwing 1100, powered by a 4-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine producing 83hp and paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, reaches an impressive 119 mph.

What Is the Top Speed of a 81 Goldwing 1100?

The 1981 Goldwing 1100, a powerful touring motorcycle, boasts impressive performance figures. Featuring a robust 4-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine, this model generates a maximum of 83 horsepower. This substantial power is harnessed by a 5-speed manual transmission, allowing riders to control their journey with ease. When it comes to speed, the GL1100 Gold Wing doesn’t disappoint.

The top speed of the 81 Goldwing 1100 attests to Hondas commitment to engineering excellence. The reliability and durability of this legendary model remain unmatched to this day.

Overview of the Honda Goldwing 1100

The Honda Goldwing 1100 is a popular motorcycle model produced by Honda. It’s a powerful engine and offers a comfortable and smooth ride. Known for it’s reliability and durability, it comes equipped with various features such as comfortable seating, a large storage capacity, and advanced suspension systems. Riders often enjoy it’s touring capabilities and it’s ability to handle long-distance journeys with ease. Overall, the Honda Goldwing 1100 is a highly regarded motorcycle model among enthusiasts.

Source: Lot #101 1981 HONDA GOLD WING GL1100 MOTORCYCLE


In conclusion, it’s worth emphasizing that the MPG value of 42 for the 1800 Goldwing is derived from laboratory exhaust emissions tests conducted by the EPA. It’s crucial to note that these tests don’t reflect real-world riding conditions and should be considered as calculated estimates rather than on-road measurements. While the provided MPG value serves as a useful benchmark for comparing fuel efficiency among different motorcycles, it’s advisable for riders to anticipate variations based on their individual riding styles, road conditions, and other factors that contribute to fuel consumption.

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