What Is the Fuel Consumption of a Piper M350?

The fuel consumption of a Piper M350 is an aspect that many aviation enthusiasts and pilots often inquire about. The Piper M350 is a renowned general aviation aircraft manufactured by Piper Aircraft, Inc. Situated at the Vero Beach Regional Airport in Vero Beach, Florida, Piper Aircraft has been in operation since 2009 under the ownership of the Government of Brunei. With a true airspeed (KTAS) of 190 knots, the M350 showcases an impressive fuel flow rate of 24.1 gallons per hour. Though quoted maximum cruising speed stands at 213 KTAS, it’s important to note that this would be achieved at the aircraft's certified ceiling of 25,000 feet. For optimal cruising altitudes, pilot reviews highlight "the mid-teens" as an excellent range for the M350. This high-performance aircraft continues to impress with it’s fuel efficiency, making it a top choice for pilots and aviation enthusiasts seeking both speed and economical operation.

How Much Does a Piper M350 Cost Per Hour?

The Piper M350 is a popular choice among private aircraft owners due to it’s excellent performance and advanced avionics. However, the cost of owning and operating this aircraft is an important consideration for potential buyers. One of the key factors in determining the cost of operating an aircraft is the fuel cost. With an average fuel consumption rate of around 18 gallons per hour, and the current fuel price at $6.75 per gallon, the Piper M350 incurs an estimated variable cost of $121.50 per hour.

In this case, the cost per hour is $527.40. Keep in mind that this figure is an estimate and can vary depending on individual circumstances such as the actual fuel prices in your area and the specific maintenance requirements for your aircraft.

It provides a balance between performance, comfort, and efficiency, making it an attractive option for pilots seeking a reliable and cost-effective aircraft for their travel needs.

The Piper M350, manufactured by Piper Aircraft, Inc., is a high-performance general aviation aircraft with impressive range capabilities. With a full load of fuel and a long-range cruise power setting, the M350 can fly three people up to 1,450 nautical miles and still have fuel reserves for instrument flight rules (IFR) landings. At high-speed cruise, the M350 can cover a range of 980 nautical miles, making it a versatile and reliable choice for long-distance travel.

How Far Can the Piper M350 Fly?

The Piper M350, a formidable aircraft in the general aviation category, boasts impressive flight capabilities and long-range potential. With it’s fuel tanks brimming, this aircraft can soar through the skies for extensive distances, enabling travelers to reach their destinations with ease.

According to Piper Aircrafts claims, the Mirage variant of the M350 can cover approximately 1,450 nautical miles with three passengers onboard while still allowing for IFR fuel reserves. This means that even with a full load and necessary fuel reserves for instrument flight rule conditions, the M350 can reach destinations that are thousands of miles away.

In addition to it’s impressive flight range, the Piper M350 also offers a high-speed cruise option that allows for maximum range. At this setting, the M350 can cover a commendable 980 nautical miles.

With it’s exceptional flight range, comfortable cabin, and renowned reliability, this aircraft empowers individuals and businesses with the ability to traverse great distances, opening up a world of possibilities for travelers.

How Does the Fuel Efficiency of the Piper M350 Compare to Other Aircraft in It’s Class?

The fuel efficiency of the Piper M350 is comparable to other aircraft in it’s class. It offers competitive fuel consumption rates and optimized engine performance, which enable efficient and economical flights. The aircraft’s design, materials, and aerodynamics contribute to it’s overall efficiency. However, it’s important to note that fuel efficiency can vary depending on various factors such as flight conditions, payload, and altitude.

Source: Piper Malibu Mirage – AOPA

The Piper M350 is a remarkable aircraft that offers a unique combination of a pressurized cabin and a piston-engine. If you’re in the market for a new M350, it’s essential to consider the cost. The basic list price for a factory new Piper M350 is set at around USD 1,437,495, as of 202However, it’s worth noting that additional customization and optional features can impact the final price. So before making a purchase, it’s always advisable to consult with a Piper dealer for the most accurate pricing information.

How Much Does a New Piper M350 Cost?

It’s a versatile and efficient aircraft designed for both business and personal travel. With a top speed of 242 knots and a range of up to 1,343 nautical miles, the M350 offers exceptional performance capabilities. It’s spacious cabin can comfortably accommodate up to six passengers, making it suitable for small groups or families.

The Piper M350 is equipped with the latest avionics technologies, including Garmin G1000 NXi integrated flight deck. This advanced system provides pilots with a comprehensive array of information and features, enhancing situational awareness and safety. The aircraft also features advanced safety systems, such as the Garmin Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) and the Garmin SurfaceWatch, which further enhance the safety and reliability of the M350.

In terms of operating costs, the Piper M350 offers impressive efficiency. It’s fuel-efficient Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A engine allows for lower fuel consumption, reducing overall operating expenses for owners. Furthermore, the aircraft has a low maintenance requirement, which helps to minimize ongoing costs.

The Piper M350 boasts an impressive max cruise speed of 213 KTAS and has the capability to cruise at altitudes of up to 25,000 ft in a pressurized cabin. It’s the sole piston-engine aircraft currently in production with these features, making it a standout option for those seeking both performance and comfort in the air.

What Is the Max Cruise on a Piper M350?

The max cruise speed on a Piper M350 is an impressive 213 KTAS (knots true airspeed), making it the leader in it’s class. This aircraft stands apart from the others in it’s ability to offer a pressurized cabin and a piston-engine, which is a unique combination in the current aviation market.

Not only does the Piper M350 offer a high cruising speed, but it also provides the added comfort of a pressurized cabin. This feature allows passengers to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, even when flying at higher altitudes. In fact, the M350 is designed to cruise at altitudes of up to 25,000 feet, providing passengers with the opportunity to take in breathtaking views while traveling in complete comfort.

With it’s exceptional speed and altitude capabilities, the Piper M350 is a versatile and reliable aircraft that’s suitable for a wide range of flying needs. Whether you’re looking to travel long distances efficiently or simply want to enjoy the luxury of a pressurized cabin, this aircraft delivers on all fronts.

This, combined with it’s pressurized cabin and ability to fly at high altitudes, makes the M350 a standout choice for pilots and passengers who prioritize speed, comfort, and reliability in their flying experience.

In addition to it’s impressive performance capabilities, the Piper M350 also offers ample storage space for your belongings. With a total baggage capacity of 33.00 ft^3, including 20.00 ft^3 of internal space and an additional 13.00 ft^3 of external storage, you can bring along everything you need for your journey. The spacious cabin dimensions of 03’10” in height, 04’02” in width, and 12’04” in length ensure that both passengers and their belongings can travel comfortably.

What Is the Baggage Capacity of the Piper M350?

The Piper M350, manufactured by Piper Aircraft, Inc., is a renowned general aviation aircraft known for it’s exceptional baggage capacity. This aircraft is manufactured in Vero Beach, Florida, United States, and has been under the ownership of the Government of Brunei since 2009.

When it comes to performance, the Piper M350 truly excels. It boasts a balanced field length of 2,900 feet, allowing for smooth takeoffs and landings. Additionally, it’s landing distance spans 3,300 feet, ensuring a safe and efficient arrival.

Inside the cabin, passengers will find ample space to relax and enjoy the journey. The cabin height measures at 3 feet 10 inches, providing sufficient headroom for passengers. Moreover, the cabin width reaches 4 feet 2 inches, guaranteeing comfort and freedom of movement.

Now, lets delve into the luggage capacity of the Piper M350. Speaking of bags, this aircraft doesn’t disappoint. It offers a plentiful baggage capacity of 33.00 cubic feet. Of this total, 20.00 cubic feet are located internally, conveniently accessible from within the cabin. The remaining 13.00 cubic feet, constituting the external luggage capacity, provide additional storage options.

With it’s impressive dimensions and substantial storage options, this aircraft ensures a comfortable and convenient travel experience for passengers and their belongings.

The Piper Malibu is a versatile aircraft with impressive capabilities. With a maximum operating altitude of 25,000 feet, it can reach great heights while offering a comfortable and efficient flight experience. In addition, it’s normal cruise speed of 203 knots or 234 miles per hour ensures a swift journey. With a range of 799 nautical miles or 919 statute miles when fully seated, the Malibu is well-suited for long-distance trips. Furthermore, the Malibu Mirage G1000 variant boasts a balanced field length of 2,243 feet and a landing distance of 2,609 feet, showcasing it’s exceptional performance on the ground. Overall, the Piper Malibu is a reliable and capable aircraft that delivers a smooth and enjoyable flying experience.

What Is the Max Altitude for a Piper Malibu?

The Piper Malibu, manufactured by Piper Aircraft Inc., is a general aviation aircraft that boasts impressive capabilities. With it’s maximum operating altitude of 25,000 feet, this aircraft allows for smooth and efficient flying at high altitudes. This makes it ideal for long-distance journeys or trips that may require flying over mountainous regions where higher altitudes are necessary for safety.

In terms of speed, the Piper Malibu can reach a normal cruise speed of 203 knots, equivalent to approximately 234 miles per hour. This enables pilots to cover great distances in a shorter amount of time, making it a reliable and efficient choice for those seeking expedited travel.

Furthermore, the seats-full range of the Piper Malibu is noteworthy, with an impressive 799 nautical miles or 919 statute miles. This means that the aircraft is capable of transporting passengers over considerable distances without compromising on comfort or convenience.

The Malibu Mirage G1000, a variant of the Piper Malibu, also offers impressive field lengths. With a balanced field length of 2,243 feet and a landing distance of 2,609 feet, this aircraft is equipped to handle various takeoff and landing conditions. These capabilities ensure that pilots can confidently operate the aircraft in different environments, increasing overall safety and efficiency.

Safety Features and Systems in the Piper Malibu

The Piper Malibu is equipped with a variety of safety features and systems to ensure the safety of the occupants during flights. These features include stall warning systems, autopilot, anti-icing systems, fire detection and suppression systems, and an emergency locator transmitter (ELT).

The stall warning system is designed to alert the pilot if the aircraft is nearing a stall, which is a dangerous condition where the wings lose lift. The autopilot system helps the pilot maintain control of the aircraft by automatically adjusting the heading, altitude, and attitude of the plane.

To prevent ice from forming on critical surfaces, the Malibu is equipped with anti-icing systems, which can include de-icing boots or heated elements. These systems help maintain the aerodynamic properties of the aircraft and prevent ice-related incidents.

In the event of a fire, the Malibu is equipped with fire detection and suppression systems. These systems can quickly detect fires and automatically release fire suppressant agents to extinguish the flames.

Lastly, the Malibu is equipped with an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) which is activated in the event of a crash or emergency. This device sends out a distress signal to help search and rescue teams locate the aircraft.

These safety features and systems in the Piper Malibu are essential in ensuring the well-being and security of the occupants during flights.


For optimal performance, cruising altitudes in the mid-teens are recommended by experts. As a reputable manufacturer of general aviation aircraft, Piper Aircraft, Inc. continues to deliver reliable and high-quality aircraft, pushing the boundaries of efficiency and innovation in the industry.

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