What Is the Fuel Consumption of a Diamond DA40? – Exploring the Performance

The Diamond DA40, a highly regarded aircraft in the aviation community, exhibits impressive performance and fuel efficiency. With a maximum take-off weight (MTOM) and International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) conditions, the DA40 NG boasts a fuel consumption rate of 19.3 liters per hour at 60% power, or 8.2 US gallons per hour at 65% power. When it comes to take-off, the DA40 NG excels, requiring only 397 meters (1,000 feet) of ground roll or 590 meters (1,476 feet) to clear a take-off obstacle, both at mean sea level (MSL). Landing performance is equally noteworthy, with ground roll distances of just 318 meters (951 feet) and landing distances of 650 meters (2,033 feet) at MSL. Moreover, this aircraft can reach an impressive maximum operating altitude of 5,000 meters (16,400 feet), placing it in a league of it’s own.

How Much Does It Cost to Overhaul a Diamond DA40 Ng Engine?

The overhaul process for a Diamond DA40 NG engine can be quite costly. With a retail price of $380,000 for a 2015 model, the Austro AE300 diesel engine plays a significant role in the overall value of the aircraft. However, over time, engines require maintenance and eventual overhauls to ensure optimal performance and safety.

The typical overhaul cost for the AE300 engine is approximately $30,000. This includes the necessary labor, parts, and inspection fees required to disassemble, inspect, repair, and reassemble the engine. Overhauling an engine involves a detailed examination of various components, such as the cylinders, valves, pistons, crankshaft, and camshaft, to determine their condition and determine if any repairs or replacements are needed.

In addition to the overhaul cost, there are other factors to consider when budgeting for an engine overhaul. These include shipping costs, as the engine may need to be transported to a specialized facility for the overhaul process. Furthermore, there may be additional costs associated with the removal and reinstallation of the engine from the aircraft, as well as any necessary upgrades or modifications that may be required during the overhaul.

Different maintenance facilities may also have varying labor rates and pricing structures, further impacting the overall cost of the overhaul.

Regular maintenance and overhauls are essential for safety and reliability, and should be factored into the overall cost of aircraft ownership and operation.

Comparison of Overhaul Costs for Other Aircraft Engines: It Would Be Useful to Provide a Comparison of the Overhaul Costs for the Diamond DA40 NG Engine With Other Popular Aircraft Engines, Such as Those Used in Cessna or Piper Aircraft. This Will Give Readers a Better Understanding of How the DA40 NG Engine’s Overhaul Cost Compares to Other Options.

When considering the overhaul costs for the Diamond DA40 NG engine, it can be helpful to compare them with the overhaul costs of engines commonly found in Cessna or Piper aircraft. This comparison allows readers to gain insight into how the DA40 NG engine’s overhaul costs measure up against other engine options. By examining these cost differences, readers can make informed decisions about which engine may best suit their needs and budget.

The Diamond DA40 is a high-performance airplane known for it’s fuel efficiency. With a fuel consumption rate of 19.5 liters per hour at 60% throttle and 8.2 US gallons per hour at 65% throttle, it offers impressive fuel economy. Additionally, it’s a maximum operating altitude of 5,000 meters (16,400 feet), making it suitable for various flight purposes.

What Is the Fuel Economy of the Diamond DA40?

The Diamond DA40 is a versatile and efficient aircraft known for it’s impressive fuel economy. With a fuel consumption rate of 19.5 liters per hour at 60% power and 8.2 US gallons per hour at 65% power, the DA40 is highly economical to operate. This fuel efficiency enables pilots to cover longer distances while minimizing fuel costs and reducing their environmental impact.

In terms of performance, the DA40 NG can accommodate a maximum mass of passengers and cargo. It’s take-off ground roll at sea level under standard atmospheric conditions is 370 meters, or approximately 1,000 feet. On the other hand, the landing ground roll measures 270 meters, again equivalent to 1,000 feet. These performance figures highlight the DA40s ability to safely operate in diverse runway conditions, including shorter or narrower runways.

Whether used for personal or commercial purposes, the DA40s fuel efficiency and high operating altitude make it a standout in it’s class.

Comparison of the Fuel Economy of the Diamond DA40 to Other Similar Aircraft Models

  • Diamond DA40 fuel economy compared to other similar aircraft models:
  • Cessna 172: DA40 has better fuel economy
  • Piper PA-28: DA40 has similar fuel economy
  • Beechcraft Musketeer: DA40 has better fuel economy
  • Mooney M20: DA40 has better fuel economy
  • Cirrus SR20: DA40 has similar fuel economy

Source: Diamond DA40 Diamond Star

When it comes to pricing, the Diamond DA40 NG is considered a premium option in the market. With a base price of approximately $430,000, it offers enhanced features and capabilities compared to it’s predecessor, the DA40 XLT, which had a base price of $390,000 before it was discontinued. However, a well-equipped DA40 NG can easily surpass the $500,000 mark.

How Much Does a Diamond Da40ng Cost?

The DA40 NG, manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries, is a highly sought-after light aircraft known for it’s exceptional performance and cutting-edge technology. When considering the cost of a Diamond DA40 NG, it’s important to understand the different variations and optional features available.

The base price for the DA40 NG generally starts around $430,000. This includes the standard specifications and features that come with the aircraft. However, this price is subject to change based on several factors such as additional options, upgrades, and inflation. It’s worthwhile noting that the base price doesn’t typically include taxes, delivery fees, or other associated costs. Thus, the final cost may vary depending on individual customization preferences.

The cost of a fully equipped model can hover around $500,000, offering additional features and enhanced functionality. These enhancements contribute to an improved flying experience, including upgraded avionics, increased safety measures, and enhanced performance capabilities. It’s worth mentioning that these prices are approximate and subject to change based on market conditions and any specific customizations made.

The overall investment goes beyond the initial purchase price and should be considered thoroughly before committing to such an aircraft.

The Diamond DA40 NG is a lightweight aircraft known for it’s fuel efficiency and impressive range. With a total fuel capacity of 147 liters or 39 US gallons, this aircraft can hold up to 118 kilograms or 260 pounds of fuel in it’s main tank. Additionally, it’s an auxiliary tank with a capacity of 106 liters or 28 US gallons, allowing for an additional 84 kilograms or 185 pounds of fuel. This fuel capacity enables the DA40 NG to fly long distances without frequent refueling, making it a popular choice among pilots for both personal and commercial use.

How Much Fuel Can a DA40 Hold?

The Diamond DA40 NG is a popular single-engine aircraft known for it’s efficiency and versatility. One important aspect of aircraft operations is understanding it’s fuel capacity and how much fuel it can hold.

The DA40 NG has a total fuel capacity of 147 liters or 39 US gallons, which translates to approximately 118 kilograms or 260 pounds. This fuel is stored in two separate tanks: the main tank and the auxiliary tank. The main tank can hold 106 liters or 28 US gallons, which is equivalent to around 84 kilograms or 185 pounds.

This auxiliary tank can store approximately 34 kilograms or 75 pounds of fuel.

Pilots need to take into account the fuel burn rate, distance to be flown, and estimated flight time when determining the amount of fuel needed for each journey. It’s also essential to consider the aircrafts maximum takeoff mass, which for the DA40 NG is 1,310 kilograms or 2,888 pounds.

This allows for significant fuel storage and provides pilots with extended range capabilities. Overall, this aircraft is known for it’s efficiency, versatility, and ability to perform various missions with ease.


In conclusion, the Diamond DA40 NG boasts impressive performance capabilities. With a maximum take-off weight of 397m and an obstacle clearance of 590m, this aircraft ensures a smooth and efficient take-off. It’s landing performance is equally remarkable, with a ground roll of 318m and a landing distance of 650m. Additionally, the DA40 NG can reach a maximum operating altitude of 5,000m, making it suitable for a wide range of flight missions. Fuel consumption, a crucial factor in aviation, is also favorable with a rate of 19.3l/h at 60% power and 8.2 US gal/h at 65% power.

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