How to Check MPG on Range Rover Evoque: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Range Rover Evoque, an upscale compact SUV known for it’s sleek design and impressive performance, has become a popular choice among car enthusiasts. One of the key factors that buyers consider when purchasing a vehicle is it’s fuel efficiency. Being aware of the mileage-per-gallon (MPG) of your Range Rover Evoque can’t only help you effectively manage your fuel consumption but also save you money in the long run. However, finding accurate information on how to check MPG on a Range Rover Evoque can be a daunting task.

How Many MPG Does a Range Rover Do?

Range Rover, a luxury SUV renowned for it’s performance and elegance, offers several options when it comes to fuel efficiency. For those seeking a greener alternative, the plug-in hybrid Range Rover stands out with it’s impressive MPG ratings. This variant can achieve up to 50 MPGe, or miles per gallon gasoline equivalent, making it the most fuel-efficient Range Rover in the lineup. Additionally, the plug-in hybrid model features an all-electric driving range of 48 miles, further reducing it’s reliance on traditional fuel sources.

Whether one opts for the environmentally friendly plug-in hybrid or the efficient diesel model, both offer a compelling solution for those seeking to minimize their carbon footprint or maximize their fuel economy.

Benefits of Choosing a Plug-in Hybrid SUV Like the Range Rover

  • Reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions
  • Increased fuel efficiency and longer driving range
  • Potential for government incentives and tax credits
  • Opportunity to drive in electric-only mode for shorter trips
  • Ability to switch seamlessly between gasoline and electric power
  • Enhanced power and acceleration
  • Added convenience of regenerative braking
  • Greater environmental friendliness compared to traditional SUVs
  • Access to HOV lanes and reduced toll fees in some areas
  • Stylish design and luxurious features of the Range Rover brand

What Is the MPG for a 2023 Range Rover 7 Seater?

Equipped with a powerful engine, the 2023 Range Rover 7-seater offers an impressive fuel efficiency that allows drivers to explore without constantly worrying about refueling. With an estimated 18 mpg in city driving and up to 23 mpg on the highway*, this luxury SUV strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency.

The Range Rovers MPG is achieved through a combination of innovative engineering and advanced technologies. It’s aerodynamic design plays a vital role in reducing air resistance, ensuring efficient fuel consumption during high-speed driving. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a range of features, such as smart stop/start technology, which automatically shuts off the engine when idle, further optimizing fuel usage in urban settings.

It’s robust engine options deliver ample power and torque, allowing for smooth acceleration and effortless overtaking on the highways. Whether it’s navigating through city traffic or embarking on long road trips, this SUV offers an exhilarating driving experience without compromising on fuel economy.

Moreover, the Range Rovers seven-seater configuration offers ample space and versatility for families and larger groups. The interior is crafted with premium materials and modern amenities, ensuring comfort and luxury for all passengers. With it’s spacious cabin and top-notch safety features, the 2023 Range Rover provides a premium driving experience for both short commutes and long journeys.

Furthermore, the Range Rover Evoque boasts impressive fuel efficiency for an SUV, making it a practical choice for daily commuting and long-distance trips. With an average of 21 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on the highway, drivers can expect to save on fuel costs without compromising on performance or style.

What Is the MPG for Range Rover Evoque?

However, the actual miles per gallon (mpg) for the Range Rover Evoque can vary depending on various factors such as driving conditions, engine type, and individual driving habits. It’s important to note that the mpg figures provided are estimated averages and may not be representative of real-world driving scenarios.

The 2022 Range Rover Evoque comes equipped with a variety of engine options, including gasoline and hybrid powertrains. The mpg ratings mentioned earlier are typically associated with the gasoline engines, which are commonly found in most models. However, hybrid models may offer improved fuel efficiency due to the presence of an electric motor that assists the combustion engine.

In addition to the engine type, the driving conditions can significantly impact the mpg of the Range Rover Evoque. For instance, driving in heavy traffic or hilly terrain may result in lower fuel efficiency compared to driving on open highways or in less congested areas. Similarly, aggressive driving habits such as frequent acceleration and braking can also reduce the overall mpg.

Furthermore, the weight and aerodynamics of the vehicle can influence fuel consumption.

Comparison of MPG Between Different Engine Options for the Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque offers different engine options with varying fuel efficiency. By comparing the miles per gallon (mpg) of these engines, you can determine which one provides better fuel economy.

When considering the cost of owning a vehicle, one important factor to consider is fuel efficiency. For those considering a Range Rover Evoque, it’s important to know how much it will cost to fill up the tank. As of 2018, the average annual fuel cost for a Range Rover Evoque is $2,650. To drive just 25 miles, it will cost around $4.41, with a full tank costing about $79. With a tank size of 18.0 gallons, it’s essential to keep in mind that fuel costs can add up quickly.

How Much Does It Cost to Fill Up a Range Rover Evoque?

The cost of filling up a Range Rover Evoque can vary depending on various factors, such as the current price of fuel and the efficiency of the vehicle. However, the actual cost may be higher or lower depending on the price per gallon at the pump.

To give a clearer picture, lets look at the cost to drive a shorter distance. To drive 25 miles in a Range Rover Evoque, it would cost approximately $4.4This figure is calculated based on the vehicles fuel efficiency and the current price of fuel.

This figure includes fuel consumption for regular driving throughout the year and assumes average fuel prices. Again, it’s important to note that this cost can fluctuate depending on the price of fuel.

Often, luxury SUVs like the Range Rover Evoque tend to have higher fuel costs due to their larger engines and increased weight. However, the Evoque is known for it’s relatively good fuel efficiency compared to other vehicles in it’s segment.

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on fuel prices, plan trips efficiently, and practice eco-friendly driving to help reduce fuel costs.

Factors That Impact the Fuel Efficiency of a Range Rover Evoque

The fuel efficiency of a Range Rover Evoque can be affected by various factors. These include the weight of the vehicle, driving habits, terrain conditions, weather conditions, and the use of additional features such as air conditioning. By considering and managing these factors, it’s possible to optimize the fuel efficiency of a Range Rover Evoque.

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When it comes to fuel efficiency, the 2023 Range Rover lineup offers varying MPG ratings across it’s different models. The standard 2023 Range Rover achieves an estimated 18 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. Meanwhile, the 2023 Range Rover Sport offers a slightly improved figure of 19 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. Lastly, the 2023 Range Rover Velar takes the lead with a rating of 20 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway.

How Many MPG Does a Range Rover Have?

The Range Rover, a renowned luxury SUV brand, remains a popular choice among discerning car enthusiasts. If youre curious about it’s fuel efficiency, the 2023 models offer impressive MPG ratings across the range. In terms of city driving, the 2023 Range Rover achieves a commendable fuel economy of 18 miles per gallon. On the open highway, it’s efficiency increases slightly to a noteworthy 26 miles per gallon.

For lovers of sleek aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, the 2023 Range Rover Velar offers an additional boost in fuel efficiency. With an impressive 20 MPG in the city and a solid 26 MPG when cruising down the highway, the Velar sets itself apart from it’s counterparts. Combining elegance with eco-consciousness, the Range Rover Velar caters to those seeking both luxury and an environmentally friendly driving experience.

Real-World MPG Ratings Reported by Range Rover Owners and Their Experiences With Fuel Efficiency.

  • Owner 1: Getting around 18 MPG in urban areas and about 25 MPG on highways. Pretty satisfied with the fuel efficiency.
  • Owner 2: Averaging around 22 MPG in mixed driving conditions. Impressive fuel economy given the vehicle’s size.
  • Owner 3: Consistently achieving 20 MPG on both short city commutes and long road trips. Very happy with the real-world MPG.
  • Owner 4: Getting approximately 17 MPG in mostly city driving. Not too pleased with the fuel efficiency.
  • Owner 5: Surprisingly getting 29 MPG on highways, exceeding expectations. Satisfied with the Range Rover’s fuel efficiency.


In conclusion, determining the fuel efficiency of a Range Rover Evoque can be accomplished through various methods and steps. By utilizing the vehicle's onboard computer system, monitoring the fuel consumption, calculating miles traveled, and dividing it by the fuel consumed, owners can accurately assess the fuel economy of their Evoque. Additionally, external devices such as fuel economy gauges and smartphone applications can provide real-time MPG readings. Moreover, adopting efficient driving practices, such as maintaining steady speeds and minimizing unnecessary idling, can significantly contribute to obtaining better fuel efficiency.

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