How Much Does a Nissan Frontier 2007 Get for MPG?

The 2007 Nissan Frontier is a popular choice for those in the market for a reliable, versatile, and powerful pickup truck. But one factor that many potential buyers consider when purchasing a vehicle is it’s fuel efficiency. So, how much does a 2007 Nissan Frontier get for MPG? This breaks down to an estimated 14 MPG in the city and 19 MPG on the highway. These numbers may vary based on driving habits and conditions, but they give a general idea of the Frontier's fuel efficiency. For a more accurate estimate, you can also check out unofficial MPG estimates shared by other vehicle owners. And with it’s reasonable fuel efficiency, it offers a practical option for those seeking both power and efficiency.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a Nissan Frontier Get?

When it comes to fuel efficiency, many car buyers consider the mileage per gallon as a crucial factor in their decision-making process. The Nissan Frontier, a popular choice among truck enthusiasts, has long been appreciated for it’s reliability and performance. But how many miles per gallon can you expect from a Nissan Frontier?

For the 2022 model, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has provided official fuel efficiency ratings. These figures represent the best MPG you can achieve with this particular model.

However, it’s important to note that actual fuel efficiency may vary depending on various factors, such as driving habits, road conditions, and vehicle maintenance. The EPA ratings serve as a helpful guideline, but individual results can differ.

Despite it’s decent mileage per gallon, the Nissan Frontier doesn’t compromise on it’s towing and payload capabilities. This truck is designed to handle heavy loads and offers impressive stats in that regard. Whether you’re hauling equipment for work or planning an outdoor adventure, the Frontier has the power and capacity to get the job done.

In addition to it’s fuel efficiency and towing capabilities, the 2022 Nissan Frontier also boasts an array of features and technologies that make it an exceptional choice for Nisswa buyers. From advanced safety systems to intuitive infotainment options, this truck offers a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

However, it doesn’t stop there.

One important aspect to consider when evaluating the performance of the Nissan Frontier is it’s fuel efficiency. With it’s powerful 3.8-liter V6 engine, the Frontier offers a commendable fuel economy, achieving an estimated 18 MPG in the city and 24 MPG on the highway. This combination of power and efficiency makes the Frontier an attractive option for those who prioritize both performance and fuel economy in their choice of pickup trucks.

What Is the MPG of a Nissan Frontier Engine?

The Nissan Frontier is equipped with a powerful 3.8-liter V6 engine that boasts an impressive fuel efficiency. With this engine, the Frontier delivers a best-in-class standard 310 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque, which ensures an exhilarating driving experience.

One of the standout features of the Frontiers engine is it’s direct injection technology, which allows for quick response and optimal fuel delivery. This technology not only enhances the engines performance but also contributes to it’s fuel efficiency.

Whether you need a reliable workhorse or a capable off-road companion, the Frontiers efficient engine ensures that you can go the distance without breaking the bank at the fuel pump.

With it’s impressive standard horsepower and torque figures, along with it’s direct injection technology, it delivers outstanding performance while maintaining good fuel economy. The Frontiers MPG ratings, reaching 18 MPG in the city and 24 MPG on the highway, make it a standout in it’s class. So, if youre in the market for a pickup truck that can handle your towing needs while still being efficient on the road, the Nissan Frontiers engine is definitely worth considering.


With an EPA rating of 16 combined city/highway MPG, it delivers 14 MPG in the city and 19 MPG on the highway. These figures make it a fairly efficient option for those in need of a powerful and versatile vehicle. Additionally, the unofficial MPG estimates shared by vehicle owners provide valuable insights for potential buyers.

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