How Many MPG Does a F550 Get?

The fuel efficiency of the 2016 Ford F-550 Super Duty has been assessed based on data gathered from six vehicles, encompassing a total of 396 fuel-ups and 68,389 miles of driving. As per this analysis, the F-550 Super Duty achieves an average combined MPG of 6.16, with a minimal margin of error measuring 0.12 MPG. This insightful data provides valuable insights into the fuel consumption of the F-550, offering guidance to potential buyers or individuals seeking to assess the vehicle's efficiency.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a 2005 Ford F550 Diesel Get?

The 2005 Ford F-550 Super Duty, equipped with a diesel engine, has been observed to achieve an average fuel efficiency of 10.15 miles per gallon (MPG) based on data collected from three vehicles. This data was obtained through 191 fuel-ups, covering a total distance of 61,271 miles. It should be noted that the calculated average MPG has a margin of error of 0.36 MPG.

With an average MPG of 10.15, this vehicle offers a decent fuel efficiency considering it’s size and power. Additionally, the data collected from multiple vehicles adds reliability to the findings.

Keeping in mind that the data includes a margin of error of 0.36 MPG, it’s essential to acknowledge the potential variation in fuel efficiency among individual vehicles of the same make and model. Factors such as driving conditions, maintenance, and personal driving habits can affect the MPG achieved by each vehicle.

The fuel capacity of an F-550 is an important consideration for those in need of a powerful truck. With a 7.3L PFI V8 engine, this model has a fuel capacity of 26.5 gallons. In addition, it boasts impressive horsepower and torque, making it a reliable choice for any job. The TorqShift® 10-Speed SelectShift® Automatic transmission ensures smooth and efficient gear changes. With these features, the F-550 is a top contender in it’s class.

How Many Gallons of Diesel Does a F550 Hold?

The Ford F550 is a heavy-duty truck known for it’s power and durability. One of the key concerns for truck owners is the fuel capacity, as it determines the range and efficiency of long hauls. The F550 is equipped with a generously sized fuel tank to accommodate it’s demanding tasks.

For instance, the F-350 SRW w/68D Payload Downgrade Package has a fuel capacity of 26.5 gallons. This is a considerable amount that allows for extended periods of driving without the need for frequent refueling.

In terms of engine options, the F550 offers a 7.3L PFI V8 as the standard engine on all models. This powerful engine delivers impressive horsepower and torque, which are essential for handling heavy loads and towing capacities. The 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel is also available, providing even more power and performance.

To complement it’s powerful engine options, the F550 is equipped with a TorqShift 10-Speed SelectShift Automatic transmission. This advanced transmission system ensures smooth shifting and optimal performance, further enhancing the driving experience.

When it comes to the fuel efficiency of the F550 equipped with the 6.7 Powerstroke engine, you’ll be pleased to know that it offers impressive mileage. With the ability to run on biodiesel as well, this engine provides versatility. On the highway, you can expect to achieve approximately 30 MPG, while in the city it offers around 22 MPG. Overall, the engine delivers a combined fuel mileage of about 25 MPG.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a F550 6.7 Powerstroke Get?

The Ford F550 with the 6.7 Powerstroke engine is renowned for it’s impressive fuel efficiency. This powerful engine not only delivers exceptional performance, but it also offers great mileage, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both power and efficiency.

On the highway, this beast can provide an impressive 30 miles per gallon, allowing you to cover long distances without frequently stopping for refueling. This is particularly beneficial when you need to embark on long drives or have to tow heavy loads for extended periods.

In urban areas, where stop-and-go traffic and shorter distances are more common, the F550 still manages to deliver a respectable 22 miles per gallon. This mileage is quite impressive for a heavy-duty truck, showcasing the efficiency of the 6.7 Powerstroke engine even in city driving conditions.

Furthermore, the 6.7 Powerstroke engine is compatible with biodiesel, expanding your fuel options and enabling you to make more environmentally conscious choices. Biodiesel is a renewable, cleaner-burning fuel alternative that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps preserve the environment.

It’s compatibility with biodiesel enhances it’s versatility and provides you with additional options for fueling your truck.

Fuel Efficiency Comparisons With Other Heavy-Duty Trucks

Fuel efficiency comparisons with other heavy-duty trucks are important when evaluating the performance and cost-effectiveness of different vehicles. Multiple factors affect fuel efficiency, including engine technology, aerodynamics, and weight. By analyzing such factors, one can make informed decisions and choose a heavy-duty truck that maximizes fuel economy, helps reduce operating costs, and minimizes environmental impact. Understanding the variations in fuel efficiency among different trucks can aid in selecting the most efficient option for specific applications and contribute to sustainability efforts in the transportation industry.

Source: How to Increase Fuel Mileage on 6.7 Powerstroke

The fuel capacity of a F-550 varies depending on the model and additional packages. It can hold up to 26.5 gallons with certain payload downgrade packages, while others have a capacity of 40 gallons or even 66.5 gallons for models with dual diesel tanks. The drive type can also affect the fuel capacity, whether it’s a 4×2 or 4×4 configuration.

How Many Gallons Does a F-550 Hold?

The F-550 is a heavy-duty truck that’s known for it’s impressive power and towing capabilities. When it comes to fuel capacity, the F-550 doesn’t disappoint. Depending on the specific model and configuration, the F-550 can hold between 26.5 to 66.5 gallons of fuel.

For the F-350 SRW with the 68D Payload Downgrade Package, the fuel capacity is rated at 26.5 gallons.

This larger fuel tank ensures that you can go longer distances without having to stop for fuel.

The F-550 offers both 4×2 and 4×4 drive types, allowing drivers to choose the option that best suits their needs. Whether you need the added traction and off-road capabilities of 4×4 or the efficiency and maneuverability of 4×2, the F-550 has you covered.

In addition to the standard fuel capacity, the F-550 also offers the option for dual diesel tanks on the DRW (dual rear wheel) models.

Comparison of Fuel Capacity Between the F-550 and Other Heavy-Duty Trucks

  • F-550 has a fuel capacity of 40 gallons.
  • Heavy-duty truck A has a fuel capacity of 35 gallons.
  • Heavy-duty truck B has a fuel capacity of 45 gallons.
  • Heavy-duty truck C has a fuel capacity of 38 gallons.
  • Heavy-duty truck D has a fuel capacity of 42 gallons.
  • Heavy-duty truck E has a fuel capacity of 37 gallons.


These numbers provide an insight into the vehicle's fuel consumption, allowing potential buyers or existing owners to make informed decisions about it’s efficiency.

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