AM General Hummer H1 MPG: What You Need to Know

The AM General Hummer H1, a rugged and iconic vehicle that dominated the off-road scene for years, was known for it’s impressive capabilities and sheer power. While the H1 was never known for being fuel efficient due to it’s massive size and heavy-duty construction, AM General made strides to improve it’s mileage with the final 2006 models. These models were equipped with the most powerful engine yet, boasting an impressive 10 mpg in the US (24 L/100 km, 12 mpg – imp). This increase in fuel efficiency was a welcome change for H1 enthusiasts, as it allowed them to enjoy the beastly power of the vehicle while still being conscious of their fuel consumption. AM General's dedication to enhancing the H1's performance was evident, as they continued production of the military Humvee versions until 2018.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a Hummer H1 Get?

The Hummer H1 is known for it’s rugged and powerful appearance, but when it comes to fuel efficiency, it falls short. With it’s large and heavy build, the Hummer H1 struggles to achieve high mileage numbers. On average, the Hummer H1 gets around 10 miles per gallon (mpg) on the road. This means that for every gallon of gas consumed, the vehicle can travel approximately 10 miles.

Additionally, this mpg rating is specifically for the gas-powered models of the HAlthough there were also diesel versions available, they generally offered similar or slightly better fuel efficiency of around 11 mpg.

Ultimately, the Hummer H1s low mpg may deter some potential buyers who prioritize fuel economy. However, for those who value it’s off-road capabilities, towing capacity, and iconic status, the trade-off in fuel efficiency may be worth it.

Comparison of Fuel Efficiency Between the Hummer H1 and Other Large SUVs or Trucks.

The Hummer H1 and other large SUVs or trucks can differ in terms of fuel efficiency. Factors such as engine size, weight, and aerodynamics impact fuel consumption. It’s advisable to consider these factors when comparing fuel efficiency between different vehicles in this category.

Now, let’s dive into the specifications of the powerful Hummer HThis legendary vehicle boasts a fuel tank capacity of 42 gallons, providing ample fuel for long-distance adventures. Additionally, it’s equipped with an impressive engine that allows it to reach a top speed of 65 mph. Acceleration is also quite notable, as it goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 20.2 seconds.

How Many Gallon Tank Is a Hummer H1?

The Hummer H1, an iconic symbol of power and versatility, boasts an impressive fuel tank capacity of 42 gallons, ensuring that it can conquer long journeys without the need for constant refuelling. This generous capacity allows adventurers to explore for extended periods of time, unhindered by the limitations often imposed by smaller tanks. Whether traversing rugged terrains or cruising across vast open highways, the Hummer H1s ample fuel storage ensures that it’s always prepared for the next adventure.

Equipped with a formidable engine, the Hummer H1 showcases it’s exceptional performance capabilities. With a top speed of 65 mph, this robust vehicle can conquer both off-road trails and more traditional roadways with ease. Furthermore, the H1 demonstrates it’s impressive acceleration capabilities, achieving a 0-60 mph speed in a mere 20.2 seconds. This swift acceleration proves that the Hummer H1 possesses both the power and agility to navigate any driving scenario.

As an off-road legend that reverberates with power and strength, the H1 remains unfazed by the need for frequent refueling. It’s formidable engine and 42-gallon fuel tank enable this trailblazing vehicle to traverse vast landscapes without sacrificing efficiency.

Source: How Powerful is the Hummer H1 Premium SUV?


In conclusion, the AM General Hummer H1's final 2006 models showcased remarkable advancements, not only in power but also in fuel efficiency. With the most potent engine installed, these vehicles offered impressive performance capabilities while also demonstrating a notable increase in mileage, achieving around 10 mpg in the US (24 L/100 km, 12 mpg in the UK). Moreover, AM General's dedication to producing military-grade vehicles was evident, as they continued manufacturing Humvee versions until 2018.

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