1989 Chevy Blazer K5 Diesel MPG- Exploring Fuel Efficiency

The 1989 Chevy Blazer K5 Diesel is a classic vehicle that’s captivated enthusiasts and adventurers alike with it’s rugged charm and impressive capabilities. One of the key aspects that make this particular model so intriguing is it’s fuel efficiency, often measured in terms of miles per gallon (mpg). The quest to uncover the true mpg of the 1989 Chevy Blazer K5 Diesel has become a topic of interest for many, as owners and prospective buyers seek to optimize their driving experience while being mindful of their environmental impact. Exploring the various factors that influence fuel efficiency in this iconic vehicle requires a deep dive into it’s performance specifications, engine characteristics, and driving conditions.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a 1986 K5 Blazer Get?

The 1986 K5 Blazer, manufactured by Chevrolet, is an iconic SUV that’s garnered a significant following over the years. One of the key aspects that potential buyers and enthusiasts often consider when assessing a vehicles overall efficiency is it’s mileage per gallon. In this case, based on data gleaned from 12 K5 Blazers, including 177 fuel-ups and a collective distance traveled of 28,075 miles, the 1986 K5 Blazer is reported to obtain an average combined fuel efficiency of 10.64 miles per gallon.

Given the nature of this data, it’s important to note that there’s a margin of error of 0.76 MPG, which is a standard statistical measure to account for potential inconsistencies or random variations within the dataset. This error margin is calculated to provide a reasonable range within which the true fuel efficiency of the K5 Blazer may fall.

The 1989 Chevrolet K5 Blazer is equipped with a powerful fuel-injected 5.7-liter V8 engine paired with an automatic overdrive transmission. This combination provides the Blazer with impressive performance and efficiency, making it a capable and reliable SUV.

What Engine Is in a 1989 K5 Blazer?

The 1989 Chevrolet Blazer K5 4×4 Silverado is equipped with a formidable powertrain that ensures a thrilling driving experience. Under the hood, youll find a fuel-injected 5.7-liter V8 engine that delivers robust performance and ample power. This engine is renowned for it’s reliability and durability, making it a popular choice among enthusiasts and off-road adventurers alike.

Paired with the V8 engine is an automatic overdrive transmission, which provides seamless shifting and enhanced fuel efficiency. The overdrive feature allows the engine to run at lower RPMs during highway cruising, reducing wear and tear and optimizing fuel consumption. This combination of power and efficiency ensures a smooth and enjoyable driving experience on both on-road and off-road terrains.

The 5.7-liter V8 engine in the 1989 K5 Blazer offers impressive torque and horsepower, allowing for quick acceleration and confident towing capabilities. Whether youre hauling heavy loads or navigating challenging terrain, this engine is up to the task. It’s advanced fuel injection system ensures reliable performance and smooth power delivery, further enhancing the overall driving experience.

This engine was designed to be rugged and dependable, making it a great choice for those looking for a vehicle that can handle the rigors of off-road adventures or heavy-duty tasks.

Source: Chevrolet K5 Blazer

The 1989 Chevrolet Blazer comes equipped with a powerful V8 engine, specifically a 350 4WD V8 EFi. This engine has a capacity of 5733 cm3 or 349.8 cu-in, making it a potent performer on and off the road.

What Size Engine Is in a 1989 Chevy Blazer?

The 1989 Chevrolet Blazer is a classic vehicle that was equipped with a powerful engine. Specifically, the 1989 350 4WD V8 EFi model boasted a V8, petrol engine. This engine had an impressive displacement of 5733 cm3 or 349.8 cubic inches.

With such a large capacity, this engine provided the Blazer with substantial power and performance. It allowed the vehicle to handle a variety of driving conditions, whether it be on the open highway or off-road adventures. The V8 engine was known for it’s ability to deliver a satisfyingly strong and smooth acceleration that excelled in both city and highway driving.

In addition to it’s sizeable displacement, this engine featured electronic fuel injection (EFi) technology. This modern fuel delivery system ensured precise fuel metering for optimal combustion, resulting in improved efficiency and power delivery.

Overall, the 1989 Chevy Blazers engine was a true powerhouse. It’s V8 configuration and generous capacity provided the vehicle with ample power, making it a popular choice among enthusiasts and drivers who sought a reliable and robust SUV.

Performance Specifications of the 1989 Chevy Blazer Engine

The 1989 Chevy Blazer engine had specific performance specifications that made it a reliable and powerful option for car enthusiasts. It featured a V8 engine with a displacement of 5.7 liters, providing ample horsepower and torque for off-road adventures. The engine was capable of producing around 210 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque, giving the Blazer impressive acceleration and towing capabilities. With a fuel injection system and advanced technology for the time, the engine delivered smooth and efficient performance. Overall, the 1989 Chevy Blazer engine was designed to deliver a balance of power, durability, and efficiency for a satisfying driving experience.


With it’s diesel engine, this vehicle is designed to maximize power output while minimizing fuel consumption. While specific mpg figures may vary depending on driving conditions and maintenance, owners can expect to achieve satisfactory fuel efficiency that provides a great balance between power and economy.

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